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Discover Richmond: February 2017 Discover Richmond: February 2017

When it comes to the depth and richness of its history, no state beats Virginia!

We'd all do well to spend a lifetime exploring it, and in this edition, we touch on a few elements, locally and beyond, that might pique your interest (including trippy counterculture clippings and orbiting astronauts). Notably, we introduce you to perhaps the most famous Virginia you might not know, and we serve up more than 20 sites worth exploring during your travels.

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Discover Richmond: RTD Person of the Year 2016 Discover Richmond: RTD Person of the Year 2016

Prepare to be inspired!

It’s our second annual RTD Person of the Year issue, in which we spotlight individuals who have made a mark in the Richmond region. Philanthropists, activists, artists, administrators – you’ll get to know the people behind the accomplishments that have shaped our community.

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Discover Richmond: April 2017 Discover Richmond: April 2017

For a long time, American cooking was – to be put it blandly – kinda bland. But thanks to Julia Child and the wise souls who plunked cookie dough into ice cream, we now expect variety and flair in our savory and sweet delights, even if we don't know where the inspiration for such creativity came from.

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Discover Richmond: June 2017 Discover Richmond: June 2017

A century ago, a syndicated health column in The Times-Dispatch reflected the era. The good doctor, noting how women cared too much about protecting rugs and furniture, was promoting the benefits of sun exposure. His advice – to “husbands, fathers and just fellows” – was for them to get their ladies to open the drapes at home.

We’ve come a long way, thank goodness. In this edition, we feature a baker’s dozen of local medical specialists ( gasp – some are women!) who share insights into their fields. From promising technologies to some back-to-basics reminders for patients, they give us a window into good health – bones to brains, noses to knuckles.

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Discover Richmond: A Taste of Richmond Discover Richmond: A Taste of Richmond

For the new Discover Richmond, we got to thinking about the incredible – and tasty – breadth of our burgeoning food scene. So enjoy a feast for the eyes and stomach: We’re spotlighting 26 local restaurant “fave” dishes.

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Compact Umbrella Compact umbrella with RTD logo

This compact 42” umbrella imprinted with the Richmond Times-Dispatch logo is always ready when you need it.

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Discover Richmond: RTD Person of the Year. Discover Richmond: RTD Person of the Year

To mark the 40th anniversary of Discover Richmond, the final
magazine of 2015 spotlights 40 difference-makers in the local community and
crowns one of them as RTD Person of the Year.

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Godspeed Poster Godspeed Poster

A striking aerial photo of the Godspeed approaching Richmond, Virginia and part of our Jamestown poster collection

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RTD logo sweatshirt RTD logo sweatshirt

A cool-weather classic, our durable cotton sweatshirt features the Richmond Times-Dispatch logo on the front. Gray, black or navy.