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Discover Richmond: 30 Sites in 100 Miles Discover Richmond: 30 Sites in 100 Miles

As we roll into 2016, Discover Richmond is excited to expand its reach and touch on history, people, food, lifestyles, travel, the arts – the topics you’ve told us you like.

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Long-sleeve T-shirt RTD logo long-sleeve T-shirt

Our stylish T-shirt in easy-to-care-for 100% cotton prominently features the Richmond Times-Dispatch logo on the front and sleeve.

Compact Umbrella Compact umbrella with RTD logo

This compact 42” umbrella imprinted with the Richmond Times-Dispatch logo is always ready when you need it.

Our Price: $12.50
Godspeed Poster Godspeed Poster

A striking aerial photo of the Godspeed approaching Richmond, Virginia and part of our Jamestown poster collection

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Large Umbrella Large umbrella with RTD logo

You’ll be smiling in spite of the rain thanks to our generously sized black and white umbrella. Get one to have at home and one for the car.

Our Price: $20.00
Discover Richmond: April 2017 Discover Richmond: April 2017

For a long time, American cooking was – to be put it blandly – kinda bland. But thanks to Julia Child and the wise souls who plunked cookie dough into ice cream, we now expect variety and flair in our savory and sweet delights, even if we don't know where the inspiration for such creativity came from.

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RTD logo sweatshirt RTD logo sweatshirt

A cool-weather classic, our durable cotton sweatshirt features the Richmond Times-Dispatch logo on the front. Gray, black or navy.

Discover Richmond: Vital Signs Discover Richmond: Vital Signs

It’ summer, so here’s to sunshine - and good health!

The Richmond region has a vibrant and varied health and medical presence, and for the new Discover Richmond, we look at 20 pieces of this diverse puzzle. There’s a little nature (a healing garden) and a little nurture (yep, diapers), plus lots of interesting items in between.

Our Price: $3.95
Discover Richmond: RTD Person of the Year. Discover Richmond: RTD Person of the Year

To mark the 40th anniversary of Discover Richmond, the final
magazine of 2015 spotlights 40 difference-makers in the local community and
crowns one of them as RTD Person of the Year.

Our Price: $3.95